To Our Precious, Little Baby Girl...

The hope for this blog is that we get to share with our daughter-to-be, family, and friends what is going on in our lives as we start getting prepared for her BIG DAY and arrival outside of the belly! It'll be a no-holds-barred attempt at our new experiences, challenges, and day-to-day life while our little "bun in the oven" continues to bake. At some point, we hope this will be a loving story for you, little girl, to look back on and hopefully will also be entertaining and educational to read! We love you, little monkey, and are so blessed to have you growing stronger and stronger every day! Love, Mom and Dad

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Open Your Eyes To The Beauty Around You, Open Your Eyes To The Wonders Of Life, Open Your Heart To Those Who Love You, And Always Be True To Yourself."


Hooray! I woke up at 6:15am this morning...I love when my bladder holds out! I set my alarm for 6:30 (the latest I could get up to make it to work on time, and I was being incredibly hopeful that I could even sleep that late!) and was pleasantly surprised to make it as late as I did!

Today was a good day with the boys as I was able to get a lot done and both boys had an overlapping nap, again! Plus, today was our day downtown in Old Towne Sacramento at the Train Museum. What a beautiful and quaint part of town; I've never been there before. Walking around the boardwalk down by the river made me want to come back here as a day trip with our little girl. Every thing was so cute! The train museum was AWESOME and J really loved our visit. There were so many big engines, tracks, toys, collectibles, and hands-on things for children. What a great idea-thanks Erin for the suggestion and for the free entrance on your membership! All of the "conductor" volunteers were super cute, too! The only thing I would change (okay, well, two things) would be to have it be cooler (it was close to 90 degrees and it's getting hotter as the weekend comes) and to not have two large school groups of middle schoolers at the museum at the same time we were.

For the FIRST TIME in about FIFTEEN years, I ironed today. The nanny boys have a few cute button down shirts that they wear to look nice that have been needed to be ironed for about a week, and I finally broke down and ironed them and they look so much nicer, even though I'm not craving ironing again for another fifteen years, but at least it wasn't terrible!

My belly feels and looks larger than ever, but according to mister bear tape measure, it is an inch and a quarter SMALLER than this time last week. I continue to be baffled by this whole concept! Monkey has been busy kicking up a storm today...staying active, that'a'girl!

When I got home from work today, I got busy collecting recycling, garbage, doing the dishes, running two loads of laundry, making dinner (chicken, rice, sautéed peppers and mushrooms), and having "poor man's s'mores" ready for dessert. Dinner turned out well and Ant had a larger portion than normal...which if you know him at all, is saying a lot! My back is hurting but that is probably due to hefting a big "chunka-munka" 4 month old 20 pound boy around in a baby Bjorn at the museum all morning, lifting, vacuuming, laundry, etc. Hmmm...if only I could get on top of my back problems, I'd be one happy girl! When Tony came home, the UPS guy was also just arriving to deliver my first set of ordered maternity clothes...3 pants and 3 tops. The tops seem humongous to me, but I'm sure in another month's time I'll have realized I made the right decision when ordering the sizes that I did. I was surprised to have gotten the delivery around supper time, as the UPS guy usually delivers around 8ish in the evening.

Tomorrow I will most likely be babysitting for a family in El Dorado Hills after work...although they haven't passed along the details to me yet. It was good talking to Dad today and I hope he and Mary have good sales at this weekend's upcoming Octoberfest! I had a dream last night that the three of us (Dad, Mary, and I) had gone rummage sale-ing and Mary and I had found a whole stash of flip-flop items for free. I was SO disappointed to find out that I didn't get to keep the items when I woke up this morning! I also got to chat with Logan this afternoon...I wish I could see him some time. He is in the process of trying to help his fiance with new housing accommodations...good luck, guys!

Excited for a weekend of rest and probably gonna buckle down and finally clean our house...the thorough kind of cleaning, I mean. Wrote in the belly book tonight and finished all of my correspondence letters that I had been meaning to send out. Good night my little kicker! I love feeling your presence and being reminded of your feisty attitude that is emerging. Hugs and cuddles, always! I'd love to take you and Dad to Old Sacramento when you're here "on the outside!" What a great day!

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