To Our Precious, Little Baby Girl...

The hope for this blog is that we get to share with our daughter-to-be, family, and friends what is going on in our lives as we start getting prepared for her BIG DAY and arrival outside of the belly! It'll be a no-holds-barred attempt at our new experiences, challenges, and day-to-day life while our little "bun in the oven" continues to bake. At some point, we hope this will be a loving story for you, little girl, to look back on and hopefully will also be entertaining and educational to read! We love you, little monkey, and are so blessed to have you growing stronger and stronger every day! Love, Mom and Dad

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"In School, You’re Taught A Lesson Then Given A Test. In Life, You’re Given A Test That Teaches You A Lesson."

This one is called "Chocolate Fix."

~Tom Bodett

Ah, what a gorgeous Sunday, again! It was so nice to sleep in until 6:30am today...I got to wake up with the sun. Who knew there was such joy in simple pleasures?!? After some warm and gooey oatmeal for breakfast (made the best way: by your dad), I got ready for church. While checking directions online, I was also scanning Craigslist to see if there were any free items that looked good. Turns out that someone in our neighborhood had a garage sale this weekend and was giving everything else away for free today. I printed off their address and left a little early for church, hoping to find a few useful items. As it so happens, either the items hadn't been put out quite yet, or I had to email to look at the items. So, I was quite a bit earlier to church than I had I called my long lost former roommate, Mrs. Morris, who I continue to play phone tag with, most of the time. Blessing of all blessings, she answered her phone and her and I were able to catch up for a good hour before I had to go into church.

Meghan and I got to chat while checking children into the children's church portion before the adult service began. It was nice to meet a bunch of the congregation and their families before church started! They were all very friendly and happy! There was a lively service today, complete with a touching dramatization by the youth, a first time visitor's guest bag, and a moving testimonial/set of songs by a local community service center called Teen Challenge (which is run nationally, as well). The stories and messages of the lyrics were very inspiring of a life that has been spiritually lifted. I promise to not get preachy, but it was a really neat message and I was so glad that today was the day I chose to visit Meghan's church! While their, I also decided to participate in the church's community outreach/volunteer day next weekend where we will go wash cars of people in the neighborhood for free.  Something else I'm kind of excited about was Pastor Dave's message in the next few weeks about Parenting! I may just want to stick around for those sermons. To be completely honest, church was a nice experience today and I definitely feel as if I've been missing church and fellowship lately, but it was a long drive (as I didn't get home until about 1:30 and I left at 9am) and it was more verbally affirmative than what I am used to/comfortable with. Like I said, I enjoyed the company of Meghan and all of her friends she introduced me to and I AM looking forward to the messages in the upcoming weeks, so I think I will be back a few more times in the upcoming months, but I don't feel like this is the church I am meant to be with ultimately. The search continues...but...I will enjoy Streamline's fellowship in the meantime!

I was so inspired and motivated by Teen Challenge's presentation this morning, that I signed up for volunteering with them somehow. I feel really good about this decision and feel like it is a great cause that I have been looking for as of late.

On the way home, I had promised myself that I would treat Tony and I to my much craved after cupcakes from yesterday. Before I left for church, I had googled a yummy looking bakery downtown to stop at. Cupcake Craving had so many wonderful and mouth-watering choices to choose from, but the reason I had chosen to see them as opposed to the other cupcake options that google found for me, was that Sunday they had a S'mores Galore cupcake on their menu (yesterday, it was the S'mores cupcake on DC Cakes that made me interested in cupcakes) so that was the decision maker. They also had a good looking Chocolate Fix cupcake that I figured I would also appreciate. I bought both cupcakes and brought them home...trying to ignore the temptation the whole time to eat them in the car. Luckily, I made it all the way home and was able to snap a few pictures before cutting the cupcakes in half to share with Tony and biting into my portions. All I can say was that it was totally worth the trip downtown and the money! So super perfect and what I have been craving!!!

Thank you for fulfilling my craving! Absolutely delicious!

This one hit the spot: "S'mores Galore"...Complete yummi-ness in one little cupcake!
After digging into the cupcakes, I thought it was only fair that I eat something healthy for an actual lunch. I made a sandwich, pickle, OJ, chips, and grapes to round out my backwards meal (is it just me, or do meals that start with dessert taste better?!?). I was so happy to come home from church and see a mowed lawn and have the weeds all pulled-what a sweet husband I have! Because he had done the yard work without me, I got to enjoy a few hours of resting before going to babysit tonight.

Tonight I babysat for four beautiful children who know my new nanny family (that's how my name was referred). There was a 7 year old girl-"C", a 6 year old girl-"E", a 5 year old boy "L", and a 4 year old girl "L". We had a good time playing outside on their play structure, eating popsicles, playing dinosaur chases girls (I bet you can figure out how THIS ONE is played!), and watching "Finding Nemo" when it got too dark to play outside. I will be helping out with these four wonderful children while their parents are at Bible Study for the next 6 weeks. On the way home, I had to stop and fill up on gas. When I got home, I gave Tony a hair cut, and here I am...ready for bed and ready for my first official day of full time with the new nanny family tomorrow. I am looking forward to an entire day with the boys and starting to get a regular paycheck again. 

Good night and wish me a good first day tomorrow, please. Monkey, you made Mom have to pee while at church today, and I do believe that your foot was firmly lodged in her sternum, but I am so happy to start to feel you making yourself comfy inside of there, that I am welcoming any feeling you send my way at this point. Hope you enjoy your day with the boys tomorrow, as you will come to learn their voices and soon they will be your play buddies!

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