To Our Precious, Little Baby Girl...

The hope for this blog is that we get to share with our daughter-to-be, family, and friends what is going on in our lives as we start getting prepared for her BIG DAY and arrival outside of the belly! It'll be a no-holds-barred attempt at our new experiences, challenges, and day-to-day life while our little "bun in the oven" continues to bake. At some point, we hope this will be a loving story for you, little girl, to look back on and hopefully will also be entertaining and educational to read! We love you, little monkey, and are so blessed to have you growing stronger and stronger every day! Love, Mom and Dad

Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Growth Is The Only Evidence Of Life."

-John Henry Newman

Well, if that is the case, then my belly AND Peyton are for sure alive and well :). They seem so much bigger than last week, although my tape measure seems to think they are the EXACT same as last week at this time...strange! Today was a HARD and busy day! It seemed like one thing after another and as a nanny and soon-to-be mother, I know I should expect MANY days like this in my future! The first thing I had to deal with this morning was getting laundry started before heading off to work. On my way out the door, I planned to switch the clothes into the dryer...which was full with the in-laws' clothes. I quickly folded their load and threw our clothes in.

After about an hour at work, challenge number two arrived in the form of J's explosive poo. This thing bubbled and gurgled up the back of his pajamas while he was sitting in his high chair, which alerted me to the explosion at which point I noticed the pool of poo that had run down his leg, onto the chair and sat in a pile on the ground. Luckily, J was not sick, he just literally was full of poo this morning. Quite quickly I came to realize that no amount of careful planning could help the fact that his poo-filled jammies would have to be taken off, to which point the poo would be further displaced into his neck, hair, and feet...lovely. I am so blessed that J was cooperative during the cleanup process!

We spent the morning at the regional park feeding ducks, playing in the sand, and walking around with one of the other families from the Mom's group. J had a good time, although wasn't quite able to throw the duck feed far enough, so he was surprised when they started feeding at his feet. And then the geese swarmed in and really became aggressive, when I stepped in and played the protective mother lion. Poor M would barely eat (drink his bottle) all day and as a result didn't sleep/nap until 3:15. Turns out he also got a few shots at his doctor's appointment yesterday, which may have also resulted in today's lack of appetite or alertness. He was fussy (as to be expected-I would be too if I hadn't eaten or slept like normal).

Because J had such an amazing breakfast and such stellar behavior, patience, and manners all morning, he was treated to a McDonald's nuggets and french fries lunch, washed down with a chocolate shake. This boy really can eat if he is motivated, let me tell you! This is the point when M became beyond just fussy and was plain upset and frustrated with himself. As a later thought, I realized the nipple on his bottle may not be working correctly and he did eat better once that switch was made. J is getting better with using words and signs instead of pointing or whining for what he wants. He is such a joy to be with. And although it was a rough day for little Mr. M, that boy has me wrapped around his finger and I still want to cuddle and be around him all the time.

The hour that the boys slept overlapping was when I did laundry, dishes, watered plants, and did some cleaning...Oh, and did I mention that is where challenge number 4 lies (number 3 was M's long day of no eating/no sleeping): while trying to pass a water bottle to J after lunch today, I didn't pay close enough attention that he actually had it in his hands and so it crashed to the floor, splintering into oblivion and spilling the water all over the kitchen/dining room floor. On the plus side, the kitchen got mopped and sanitized from this morning's poo escapade. It was another hot day here in Northern California!

On the way home, I dropped off the HOA dues at the club house and was happy to find out that the pool will be open this weekend. Which means that after our trip to Apple Hill on Saturday, Tony and I will be taking my car to get the brakes fixed, grocery shopping, taking a bike ride, and splashing in the pool!

When I got home, the LAST thing I wanted to do was make a meal, so I headed off to Safeway and bought some fresh deli fixings of caesar salad, potato wedges, chicken tenders, and biscuits. I also picked up a few other things that looked good: grapes, funfetti cookie mix, chips, dip, and this apple cider that Tony really likes that I have been unable to find for awhile.

When I got home, we ate the yummy dinner and I watched Ocean's 13 while making the funfetti cookies (the mix was on sale tonight=three boxes for the price of one...what a steal!). I also filled out my belly book, took an updated weekly picture of the belly, measured Peyton's effect on my girth (still the same as last week, although I know from the picture at the left it doesn't appear that way!), took out the garbage and green waste, and put away the laundry.

It feels like today started 40 hours ago. I am beyond ready to hit the hay. Peyton has been kicking all day (though more noticeably when I am sitting or attempting to rest) and so I think she could use some "down time." My back is hurting quite a bit so I think it's time for a little medicine and heating pad. Good night and may tomorrow be a fantastic end to the work week! Hope you all have a terrific Friday! Payday is always a good thing!

Side note...I now understand and fully appreciate the story about Santa's belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly...I was laying down laughing last night and would describe the sensation I felt in the EXACT same way...I was laughing at something on one of my "FRIENDS" DVDs and my belly shook JUST like a bowl full of jelly...ewww...gross feeling.

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