To Our Precious, Little Baby Girl...

The hope for this blog is that we get to share with our daughter-to-be, family, and friends what is going on in our lives as we start getting prepared for her BIG DAY and arrival outside of the belly! It'll be a no-holds-barred attempt at our new experiences, challenges, and day-to-day life while our little "bun in the oven" continues to bake. At some point, we hope this will be a loving story for you, little girl, to look back on and hopefully will also be entertaining and educational to read! We love you, little monkey, and are so blessed to have you growing stronger and stronger every day! Love, Mom and Dad

Friday, September 17, 2010

"There Is No More Lovely, Friendly And Charming Relationship, Communion Or Company Than A Good Marriage."

~Martin Luther

This morning started out as any other morning this week. Took the nanny boys to the local park and enjoyed some time in the water section (water squirts up from the ground to mimic a frog's habitat when you push the button), snacked, and walked back. Although M didn't sleep any more than he has been this week, J had a really great day of eating today! Got my first paycheck from the new job today-hooray! To celebrate, Tony and I made a date night, tonight. After getting some motorcycle supplies for Ant to work on his bike tomorrow, we went to Olive Garden-YUMM-O! What a delicious and nice night with my man! We got home about an hour or so ago and now I have to crash into bed. I'm gonna watch the Heartbreak Kid on TV and fall fast asleep. Tonight is volunteer day-washing cars in the community for free. Excited to spend the day outside and helping people. Sorry for the short blog, but that's really my day in a nutshell. Looking forward to a beautiful weekend!

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